• Rolex Will Officially Participate At Dubai Watch Week 2019

    For the first time in history, Rolex will participate in a watchmaking event held in the middle east. Dubai Watch Week 2019 will take place from November 20-24, and thanks to the burgeoning (and extremely healthy) relationship between Rolex Replica Watch and retailer Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the Swiss Power House will be on the bill.

    The main focus of Rolex’s participation will be a dedicated exhibition exploring the universe of the Oyster Perpetual Submariner. The brand plans on pulling out all the stops and creating an interactive showpiece that explains how the now-iconic divers’ watch evolved over time and became just as celebrated on land, Replica Watch as it was in the sea. To further embellish proceedings, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons also plans to organize an exhibition that will feature some rare and interesting vintage Rolexes.

    This is the latest step taken by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons to grow interest in and awareness of high-end horology in the middle east. The retailer takes its responsibilities seriously and sees itself as an educational gateway to luxury watchmaking. Access to quality resources can be scant in the region, but Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons is endeavoring to change that. Since being established in 1950, the retailer has built a vast client network built upon trust, knowledge, and superlative service. Its modern-day position of power in the region has been hard-earned, and the retailer understands the influence its partnerships can have on its clientele. This is why Rolex’s decision to participate in the Dubai Watch Week is so significant. Replica Rolex

    Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons now carries 60 luxury timepiece & jewelry brands, which are stocked in 50 locations in the United Arab Emirates. The stores number royalty, celebrities, and politicians among their clientele. A true family business that echoes the values of many of the most storied and esteemed watchmaking companies from Switzerland, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons is now run by the second, third, and fourth generation. The company is committed to servicing the region’s collectors, while simultaneously promoting and extolling the artisanal skill and groundbreaking innovation that continues to make fine watchmaking relevant in an ever more digital world. Learn more about the retailer at